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Great Notions thrive, sheltering the organisation that nurtures them

Brilliant ideas are at the heart of every thriving organisation. We help you nurture brilliant ideas so they can flourish and become the life blood of your organisation.

We support inventors and creative workers by helping them structure an organisation to nurture their brilliant ideas and we support organisations face the myriad of challenges we all face by identifying and releasing the brilliant ideas that might have become buried, forgotten or simply overlooked.

Profit with a purpose

A Great Notion might generate billions of dollars … look at Apple and Google, but money is not a Great Notion, money is currency.

We will support any organisation to make money, implement change or build a long term strategy but we will go out of our way to support organisations that seek to improve our well being. The reason is simple.

Staff, customers, and supporters will cluster around ideas. So it is that great ideas lead organisations to thrive. Step through the design thinking process to identify your core notions, shortlist your challenges, remap your opportunities and rebuild your business model.

A Steady State Economy

Thinking people everywhere have come to recognise the limits to growth. We employ the Design Futures concept of a Circular Economy to build a thriving future so commerce operates as an ecosystem that thrives and changes like a rainforest, recycling everything except sunlight; the source of all our energy and wealth. Our Great Notion is to help you harness your Great Notion to that task

Even the most gung-ho tech inventors have started to invest in travel to Mars. We think that if Mars is the answer, you are asking the wrong question. There are too many people using too much stuff. It is our sacred duty to reverse the madness and build for a long term future. That means we have to eliminate waste and stop pursuing growth. We need to pursue the ideal of a zero-waste, steady state economy.